Whazzup Everybody! As promised from my previous post, here are the photos I took last May 12, 2018 at the Davao City Roxas Night Market.

 It was quite challenging because of low light condition and a busy street. 

But it won't stop the team. from taking and making photos. What I did here was Assess the place, Adopt, and Improvised. Lights coming from the stalls and post, were great for a dramatic ambiance for my photos. 

Mix and matching our model from the background, lights, and smoke. At first, it was quite difficult but later on I got my envisioned images. 

With Smoke on Opet's face

without smoke on his face

At the end, Opet, Ian, and I had much fun. Thanks Opet for giving us an opportunity to capture some moments with you.

Till next photo shoot session here at KODAKIKOBEH!